Foraged flowers

Bring Your Outdoors In with Foraged Flowers

Have you ever been inspired by the beauty of nature or in awe of a garden? We have. And that feeling has inspired us to create OASIS® Forage Products.  

Foraging is identifying plants, flowers, and branches in your garden, yard, fields, and wooded areas—cutting them and transforming them into awesome designs for your home or others.  

Combining art and science, we teach you how to create foraged designs made from plant material foraged by you.  

  • Step 1: Seek

    Let's get outside and find our flower and plant material. Beauty is everywhere, so keep a lookout for the perfect stems. Keep reading to get the low-down on what to look for.

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  • Step 2: Prep

    If you've found all of your design materials, it's time to prep them for design. This step is essential to make sure your arrangements last longer.

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  • Step 3: Create

    Now is the time to harness your inner design guru and create! Pick a basic shape you want to mimic, decide your focal flower, and design away. Follow the link below for more details.


Floral Foam: The Heart of Your Foraged Designs

Are you a lover of all things in nature and want to enjoy your garden inside too? At OASIS® Forage Products, we channel those feelings to help you bring the outdoors in. When you forage flowers, our floral foam becomes the perfect canvas for your art. Our specially designed floral foam for fresh flowers serves as the perfect foundation for your creations. We carry an entire line of products to help you create the perfect centerpiece to brag about, from kits to transform your foraged flowers to nutrition supplements to keep them looking their best for longer. Besides, what’s fresher than picked from your backyard?

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