Collection: Fresh Cut Flower Food and Nutrition for Foraged Flowers

Enhance Their Beauty from Within

At Oasis Forage Products, we deeply appreciate the connection between nature and artistry, especially when foraging for flowers. To truly showcase the beauty of your foraged flowers, it's essential to provide them with the right flower nutrients and care. That's where our premium collection of cut flower food comes into play.

We believe that nature's creations deserve nothing less than the best, and our flower nutrients and Forage Foam are carefully formulated to ensure that the natural beauty captured from the wild is preserved in your arrangements. Explore our range of fresh-cut flower food and nutrition solutions, and discover how to preserve the beauty of your foraged floral arrangements, one petal at a time.


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Nature’s Finest Cut Flower Food

If you want to know how to keep your foraged flowers fresh, let's talk about the importance of flower nutrients. At Oasis Forage Products, we extend the life and enhance the vibrancy of your foraged flowers through our specially formulated flower food. Explore our offerings and find the perfect products to nourish and preserve your foraged floral arrangements.

Flower Nutrients from Oasis Forage Products

Foraging for flowers is a trending style that reflects the increasing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Crafted to complement your foraging journey, flower food products are designed to enhance the vitality and longevity of your blooms. Our collection of flower nutrient products includes:

  • Flower Fuel is formulated to nourish your foraged flowers, helping them stay fresh and vibrant. This liquid flower food offers a balanced supply of nutrients, making it a dependable choice for supporting the longevity and beauty of your floral arrangements.
  • Hurry Hydrate prepares flowers to absorb nutrients more effectively by opening up their vascular system, making it a vital step before feeding your stems.
  • Finishing Spritz is a ready-to-spray fresh-cut flower food option. It delivers essential nutrients directly to your blooms in a fine mist, providing a convenient and efficient way to extend the life and enhance the appearance of your floral creations.

Seek. Prep. Create. Love.

How Do I Use Flower Fuel Cut Flower Food With Floral Foam?

The combination of Flower Fuel and floral foam can significantly enhance the nourishment your foraged flowers receive. Here are some tips on how to ensure your plants receive the necessary flower nutrients.

Can Flower Food Be Mixed with the Water in Floral Foam?

Yes, you can mix fresh-cut flower food with the water used in floral foam. This allows the foam to absorb the nutrients from the Fuel, which provides consistent nourishment to your foraged flowers, helping maintain their freshness and vibrancy.

How Do I Determine the Correct Flower Food Amount?

It's important to follow the instructions on the cut flower food packaging to determine the correct amount of food needed. Using the correct amount will ensure your arrangements receive the right combination of flower nutrients. This is based on the vase or container size and the volume of water used.

Flower Food
Cut Flower Food

FAQs About Flower Food and Your Foraged Blooms

Explore answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more about how our flower food products can nourish and prolong the life of your foraged floral arrangements. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

How Often Should I Apply Cut Flower Food?

How often your foraged flowers need to be fed varies based on the type of flowers and the conditions in which they are kept. We recommend following the instructions on the flower food packaging to achieve the best results for your floral arrangements.

Can I Use Flower Food with Oasis Forage Floral Foam Blocks?

Yes, you can use cut flower food with our wet floral foam. The Flower food provides the necessary nutrients, and the foam provides structure and helps to maintain consistent moisture. Just follow the instructions to prepare the flower food solution and arrange the flowers as usual.

Why Is Fresh Cut Flower Food Important?

Our flower food is specially designed to provide the flower nutrients that foraged flowers need once they are cut. It helps in maintaining their freshness and enhancing their overall appearance, making it an essential addition to your floral care routine.

Do Your Design Kits Include Flower Food?

Yes, our design kits include the perfect amount of fresh-cut flower food to provide essential nutrients to your foraged flowers. These kits are curated for convenience, offering all you need for nourishing and arranging your blooms in one easy-to-use package.

Preserve Your Foraged Blooms with Our Premium Cut Flower Food

Help your floral arrangements look their best longer with our specially formulated cut flower food. Our collection doesn't just stop at flower food; we also offer a variety of other products like wire wrap and wet floral foam to provide a comprehensive care solution for your foraged flowers. Discover the perfect flower food and accompanying products for your blooms, and enhance the natural beauty of your arrangements today.

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