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When you are ready to create foraged flower arrangements, OASIS® Forage Products™ floral foam blocks are the ideal canvas. Our scientifically formulated wet floral foam transforms your creative vision into reality. Whether you're a seasoned forager or beginning your flower foraging journey, you can use our wet floral foam to provide the perfect foundation for your floral masterpieces. Discover our specialty floral craft foam today.


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Wet Floral Foam - Keep Your Creativity Blooming

Unleash your inner artist and enhance your floral designs with our premium floral foam blocks. Oasis Forage wet floral foam blocks are an essential tool for crafting arrangements that stay fresh and vibrant. Just as a canvas awaits the artist's brush, our scientifically formulated floral craft foam provides the essential support for your creativity to flourish.

Key Features of Our Floral Foam Blocks

With the use of wet floral foam, your creations will enjoy extended vitality, ensuring that your floral arrangements remain fresh and beautiful for longer.

  • Ease of use: Simply cut, soak and insert stems 2" into the foam.
  • Exceptional hydration: Each brick holds up to 8 cups of water, extending the life of your arrangements.
  • Long-lasting freshness: Scientifically formulated to help freshly foraged plant material thrive.

Types of Oasis Forage Wet Floral Foam Blocks

Discover the versatility of our Oasis Forage floral craft foam, specifically formulated to cater to the needs of foraged flowers. Each type of wet foam we offer is designed to meet specific needs, so you have the freedom to pick the perfect fit for your foraged floral projects.

Forage Foam - Versatile and Reliable Wet Floral Foam

Forage Foam wet foam is your reliable choice for creating foraged floral arrangements. It offers simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring your blooms stay securely in place. Whether you're designing a centerpiece or a bouquet, our Forage Foam floral craft foam provides stability and hydration, keeping your foraged blooms and branches fresh and vibrant.

Forage Foam Strong Floral Foam Blocks - Sturdy Support for Your Botanical Creations

When your foraged finds include thicker and heavier stems, turn to our Forage Foam Strong floral craft foam for unwavering support. Designed for larger branches and heavier stems, these wet floral foam blocks hold their ground, ensuring that more substantial botanical creations stay upright. With its professional quality and strength, Forage Foam Strong is your reliable partner in crafting enduring foraged arrangements that highlight nature's beauty.

Wet Floral Foam
Wet Foam

FAQs About Wet Floral Foam Blocks

Discover the answers to some commonly asked questions about Oasis Forage floral foam blocks. We're here to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your foraged floral creations. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Dry vs. Wet Floral Foam - What's the Difference?

Dry foam is used for artificial or dried flowers to provide stability. Wet floral foam is specially formulated to keep fresh flowers hydrated and vibrant. It's the go-to choice for most floral arrangements, including bouquets, centerpieces and event decor. Wet foam is simple to use but must be thoroughly soaked before use to ensure it provides adequate hydration to your flowers. Soak the floral craft foam until it turns a rich dark brown color to ensure your blooms have the water they need to stay fresh and beautiful. Proper soaking is important to ensure there are no dry pockets in the foam, ensuring that all of the stems get proper hydration.

Can I Use Floral Craft Foam For Smaller Projects?

Absolutely! Our floral foam blocks are versatile and can be easily cut to fit any foraged flower project, no matter the size.

Are Oasis Forage Products Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, we're dedicated to helping you craft beautiful arrangements while caring for the planet. Our wet foam blocks are designed with responsible disposal in mind. They are the only degradable floral craft foam bricks on the market and break down quickly in a biologically active landfill, reducing their environmental impact.

Can I Use Flower Food with Oasis Forage Floral Foam Blocks?

Yes, you should use cut flower food in combination with wet floral foam. Flower food helps nourish your blooms, extending their freshness and ensuring they thrive within the foam. Once you measure out the food and water per the flower food instructions, add the floral foam blocks for soaking. This will enhance the longevity of your floral arrangements.

Unlock Your Creativity with Oasis Forage Wet Floral Foam Blocks

Ready to enhance your foraged floral arrangements? From wet foam and floral stem cutters to complete design kits, we have just what you need. Choose our specially formulated floral craft foam today and see how wet foam can enhance your floral creations.

Floral Foam Blocks
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