Why OASIS® Forage Products™ are strategically beneficial for your Garden Center

Diversification of Product Range:

By offering hardgoods for foraged floral design, a garden center can diversify its product range beyond traditional gardening supplies. This expansion allows the center to attract a wider customer base, including those interested in floral arrangements, DIY crafts, and eco-friendly design.

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Complementary Sales:

Customers who purchase hardgoods for foraged floral design may also buy other gardening supplies, plants, or accessories while shopping at the garden center. This can lead to increased overall sales and customer loyalty.


Tapping into a Growing Trend:

Foraged floral design is a rising trend that aligns with the growing interest in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Carrying hardgoods for this purpose can help the garden center capitalize on this trend and cater to customers seeking environmentally conscious options.

Foraged flower arrangements

Seasonal Opportunities:

Foraged floral arrangements are often seasonal, reflecting the changing natural environment. Carrying hardgoods like vases, containers, floral foam alternatives, and floral wire allows the garden center to provide customers with the tools they need to create unique, seasonally inspired floral designs throughout the year.


Educational and Community Engagement:

Hosting workshops and events related to foraged floral design and selling the necessary hardgoods can serve as educational opportunities. These events can foster community engagement, attract new customers, and establish the garden center as a hub for creative and sustainable gardening practices.



Offering hardgoods for foraged floral design sets the garden center apart from competitors that may not have embraced this trend. It allows the center to differentiate itself and cater to a niche market segment.

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Increased Customer Loyalty:

By meeting the needs of customers interested in foraged floral design, the garden center can foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. Satisfied customers who find the necessary supplies at the center are more likely to return for their gardening and floral design needs.

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Local Sourcing and Partnerships:

Carrying hardgoods for foraged floral design allows the garden center to strengthen relationships with local foragers, florists, and other businesses involved in the floral industry. This can lead to collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships that support the local economy.


Inspiration and Creativity:

Providing the tools and materials for foraged floral design can inspire customers to get creative with their gardening and floral projects. This increased creativity can lead to more substantial sales and customer satisfaction.


Environmental Responsibility:

Carrying hardgoods for foraged floral design reinforces the garden center's commitment to environmental responsibility. This resonates with customers who prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing.