Forage /fôrij/

(verb) To go in search of. Obtain.  

Anatomy of a Foraged Design

If you look at all foraged flower arrangements, they probably contain a few different types of stems: focus stems (the heros of the design), foliage, filler and textural items. Look for all of these when you get started foraging.  

Foraging Is About
Being Outside

The great outdoors is, well, simply, GREAT! Being outside has a calming impact on our nervous systems and can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

We are surrounded by an abundance of fantastic forage plant material, so why not snip a few stems to bring in to enjoy?

And enjoying time by yourself or with others.

We all recharge differently. Some of us enjoy foraging alone so that we can see and hear all of nature. Others prefer to make a date night or a fun family activity. Either way, we are all in on foraging. Get outside today!

Seek. Prep. Create.

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