Create Your Own Foraged Arrangement

 CREATE /kre-ate/

(verb) Make. Compose. Bring into existence.

If you love it, so do we.

Now to the best part, designing your foraged creation. This page is full of tips to help you discover your inner artist, but at the end of the day, we here at OASIS Forage products like to keep it simple. If the design looks good to you, it's perfect. We offer a line of floral arrangement products that help you with your creation.

Read Stems, Not Tea Leaves.

Sometimes the stems we choose just speak to us, so listen up! Spread your foraged material out on your work surface and give them a long hard look. Do you have tall branches asking to form a triangle? Or maybe  some amazing focal stems whose sole existence is to be the star of the show? Observing your plant material can help you get the best out of your arrangement.  

Sketch it Out.

Do you think architects just created the Empire State Building without first making some sketches? Well, we don't actually know, but there is no way they went into it without a plan. So break out some pen and paper because sketches are a great way to organize your thoughts when you are new to design.  

Design Must-Haves for Error-Proof Creations.

Vases and Vessels

Select your vase or vessel to help bring out the best in your design
or express your unique style.  
Always start with a clean dry vase to avoid adding bacteria to your design.


OASIS Forage Foam

It is scientifically formulated to help freshly foraged plant material live longer Dry gray foam transforms to rich black when soaked, creating the perfect canvas for any design.


Forage Fuel and Nutrition

Every flower needs a food source to help hydrate and keep bacteria low. And as cut stems age, they start to decay and can struggle to stay hydrated. That's where OASIS Forage foods come in. Our scientifically formulated Forage Foods help keep stems looking younger so you can enjoy them longer. 


Tip: Focus on only 2-3 types of stems in your arrangement

Let's accessorize.

Finishing touches to make your creation uniquely you. Shop Accessories Now.

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1. Shape

Start with a line material (branches or taller flowers or foliage).

Trim as needed to create a unique and beautiful shape. Cut stems at an angle to help insert them easily into the floral foam.

Take a moment and decide where you plan to insert them into the foam. Insert either horizontally or vertically to create a horizontal or vertical design. Push stems into the foam at least 2-3 inches or a bit more to secure and release your grip.

If you are not satisfied with the position, pull the material out and reinsert. This assures the stems will be in contact with the floral foam for proper hydration. Insert additional branches forming a unique shape and base for your design.

2. Fill In the Shape

Add larger flowers such as hydrangea, dahlias, lilies that will add volume to the design. These can be closer to the container.

Try to position the flowers at different heights. Place around the container as need to fill in the spaces for a three-dimensional effect.

3. Add Finishing Touches

Finish the design by adding unique elements such as draping ivy, bark, moss or stones.

Top off the container with a water/flower food solution to keep the flowers and foliage fresh. Check the water level daily. Snip any spent blooms or foliage daily to prolong the life of the design.

Want more tips on how to SEEK, PREP and CREATE?

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