Collection: Flower-Cutting Tools for Foraging

Explore the unmatched quality of our garden shears, specifically designed for foraging and floral arrangement. Our collection features everything from precise Stem Shears to robust Branch and Stem Cutter and is engineered for superior performance and durability. These cutting tools are indispensable for accurately trimming, shaping plants, and managing tough foliage, ensuring you achieve the best results when you prepare foraged flowers. With a focus on ergonomic design and long-lasting reliability, Branch Cutters from OASIS® Forage Products™ are the go-to choice for those who seek professional-grade plant shears for precise and efficient foraging tasks. From flower-trimming scissors to forage foam and flower food, we have everything you need to create beautiful arrangements that last. Shop our flower-cutting tools and elevate your foraging experience today!


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Elevate Your Foraging with Premium Garden Shears

Discover how our Branch Cutter, Stem Cutter and Stem Shears can transform your foraging experience. Designed for both professionals and hobbyists, the OASIS® Forage Products™ Branch Cutter is ideal for a variety of tasks, from cutting branches from shrubs to preparing foraged flowers for an arrangement. Ready to elevate your foraging journey? Explore our collection of garden shears today and find the perfect flower-cutting tools for your next adventure.

Why Choose OASIS® Forage Products™ Flower-Cutting Tools?

Are you passionate about crafting stunning floral arrangements with foraged flowers and looking for the perfect garden shears? OASIS® Forage Products™ has got you covered! Our flower-cutting tools are specially designed for foraging. Every cut and every arrangement you create with our Stem Shears is a reflection of your unique style and the love you pour into foraging. With OASIS® Forage Products™, embrace the art of foraging and create something you're truly proud of.

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Expertly Curated Flower-Cutting Tools

Our collection of Branch Cutters, Stem Cutters, Stem Shears and foraging bags is the perfect companion for every aspect of gardening and foraged floral arrangement. These high-quality flower-cutting tools are crafted to meet the specific needs of working with foraged flowers, providing precision comfort and durability.

Branch Cutter

The Branch Cutter is specifically designed for cutting through tougher, thicker branches. These shears can handle stems up to 1” thick. It's an indispensable tool for gardeners and foragers who regularly handle woody stems.

Stem Shears

Add the perfect finishing touches with our Stem Shears. Our flower-trimming scissors are ideal for fine-tuning your arrangements, ensuring every detail is attended to with the utmost care. Their familiar shape is easy to use and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic handles. Our Stem Shears are strong, allowing you to shape and maintain your plants with ease. Whether trimming delicate stems or making detailed adjustments to your floral arrangements, these Stem Shears provide the accuracy needed for intricate work.

Stem Cutter

The Stem Cutter is tailored for smooth and efficient cutting of stems. It's our most versatile cutting tool - you'll find yourself reaching for them over and over. Suitable for both novice and experienced foragers, these perfectly sized Stem Cutters combine reliability with ease of use, making them a valuable addition to any gardener's toolkit.

Botanical Forage Bags

Pair one of our Botanical Forage Bags with your flower-cutting tools to make foraging easier. It's ideal for collecting and safely transporting plants and flowers while keeping your hands free. Its roomy and easy-to-clean design accommodates a range of foraged finds, ensuring your botanical treasures are well-protected.

Our collection of garden shears is designed to support your passion for foraging. From gathering your foraged flowers to crafting beautiful arrangements, these flower-cutting tools are specially designed for years of use.

FAQs About Flower Cutting Tools for Foraging

Here are some commonly asked questions to assist you in making the most of your flower-cutting tools. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out.

How Do You Use Branch Cutters?

Using Branch Cutters correctly ensures precision and promotes healthy plant growth. First, prepare your flower shears by cleaning and disinfecting them. To grip the Branch Cutters properly, use the base of your hand and fingers for comfort. For precise cuts, position the blade of the shears at the desired location. If you are foraging live wood, cut at a 45-degree angle to allow water drainage and prevent disease. After use, clean your Branch Cutters to avoid spreading plant diseases.

Once I Forage Flowers, What's Next?

Once you use your Branch Cutters out in the field and bring your foraged flowers home, how do you keep them looking their best?

  • Hydrate: After foraging, trim stems with Stem Cutters and immediately place them in cool water. Mix your flower food with water according to package directions and soak your wet foam for foraged flowers.
  • Prep: Choose your vessel and add foam.
  • Cut and Trim: Use Stem Cutters to cut the stems at varied lengths for visual interest. Use Stem Shears to remove any foliage that falls below the waterline to prevent bacteria.
  • Arrange: For arranging, start with larger foliage as a base, then incorporate statement blooms, and finish with whimsical touches. Bind wire and stem wrap can be used for additional support and décor.
  • Maintain: To maintain freshness, regularly check and add water as needed. A daily spray of Finishing Spritz keeps your foraged flowers vibrant and beautiful.

How Do You Maintain Flower-Cutting Tools?

Proper maintenance of your garden shears and other metal tools is crucial, especially for foraging activities. After each use, thoroughly clean the flower-cutting tools to remove sap or soil using soapy water. Flower shears that have been exposed to diseased plants or pests should be disinfected in a bleach solution or with rubbing alcohol. Always dry flower-trimming scissors and other foraging tools completely to prevent rust and regularly sharpen the blades for precise cuts. Store your tools in a well-ventilated area and prevent exposure to moisture. You should avoid using petroleum-based products on your garden shears as they can contaminate the soil. Pro tip: Keep disinfecting wipes in your foraging bag for quick on-the-go cleaning.

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Forage Like the Pros with Premium Cutting Tools

Step up your foraging game with our top-of-the-line garden shears. They are specifically curated for foraging and offer the perfect blend of durability, ergonomic design and precision cutting for gathering and designing floral arrangements. Ideal for intricate flower trimming, shaping plants or tackling tough stems, our Stem Shears are a vital tool for every foraging journey. Embrace the art of foraging with the right flower-cutting tools - browse our collection of shears now and experience the difference in your next outdoor adventure.

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